We are local home inspectors in Scarborough, and we have been working with home buyers, home sellers, and Realtors since 1997. We take pride in communication that is honest and unbiased, and a home inspection that covers more than 1,600 different items and that is very thorough. Our clients place their trust in our services, and we work hard to ensure that this trust is not misplaced.

Leading In The Home Inspection Industry

We have performed more than 5,000 home inspections, and are often called one of the best in the Scarborough home inspection industry. Our extensive experience covers homes of many sizes, price ranges, styles, and complexity levels. Our inspection ability includes new and older homes. We are highly qualified to inspect single family homes, mansions, townhomes, duplexes, condominiums, and much more.

In addition to helping local clients we are also asked by real estate professionals for information and educational resources. We are certified to conduct Continuing Education Courses to real estate agents, and we have held more than 12 of these courses so far.

Added Services Provided

We offer a thorough and accurate home inspection, and we can provide or arrange for other inspection related services as well.

  • Mold Testing

Conducting a professional home inspection will normally take from two to four hours, and a full report of all the inspection findings will be provided. The comprehensive report includes color photos of any problems or concerns, and this is all printed out on site before the inspector leaves. Once the report is printed then the findings will be explained and discussed with the client, and any questions or concerns will be addressed promptly.

Industry Achievement And Community Recognition

As the local home inspector in Scarborough Ian Calman has achieved community recognition, and is respected in the home inspection industry.

  • Ian Calman owns the local Pillar To Post franchise.
  • Ian is a Certified Pillar To Post Home Inspector.
  • He is a Registered Home Inspector.
  • Ian Calman is a National Certificate Holder.
  • Ian worked as a contractor for many years.
  • He has experience in property management.

Client Praise

“Hi Ian, Danielle and I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to do another home inspection for us. We certainly appreciate all the feedback you gave us and we are very happy to have had a very knowledgeable inspector like yourself helping us out. Thanks again and take care!”
— Mark

This is just one of the comments that we have received from clients, and our customer satisfaction rate is extremely high. Clients say that we are very informative and knowledge. Many customers say that we exceeded their expectations, and that the education we provide on operating and maintaining the home is very helpful. Most clients really like the photos included with the report, and say that the pictures make it even easier to understand the true condition of the home.

Realtors offer praise for our services because they say we are very knowledgeable and dependable, and that we can be trusted to protect their business reputation. Local real estate professionals know that we will offer clients a positive inspection experience, and they appreciate the way that we put any problems in proper perspective for the client.

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